15 November, 2019

EPK In last week new anti-Macedonian campaign started in Bulgaria. It included series of media publication as movies on national TV, radio programs and articles in newspapers claiming to prove that Macedonian nation, language and culture do not exist, that Macedonian history is Bulgarian, to prove that there are not Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. It uses hate speech, personal insults, humiliations of Macedonians and open manipulations. As is established tradition in Bulgaria the other point of view was not asked or included in any way – it was one more Bulgarian nationalistic echo-chamber. This campaign now escalated with police and prosecutor action started on 12 November 2019 against the members of Macedonian NGO – Civil association for protection of fundamental individual human rights. Even it is registered only two month and have not possibility to start any activity or to go public, prosecutor initiate procedure to taking back its registration. Members are visited in their homes by policemen and investigators and asked to fill written answers who, when and with what purpose initiate creation of the NGO, way its purpose a mostly about people with Macedonian self-determination, and what activity it had. A Month ago, Bulgarian government openly asked Republic of Macedonia to stop using instruments in Council of Europe to tray to intervene in favor of official recognition of Macedonia Minority in Bulgaria.

Macedonian minority live in Bulgaria since 1912 , it was recognized between 1946 – 1963 and had its limited minority rights. After 1963 with rising of National-Communism in Bulgaria it was denied and thousands of Macedonians were prosecuted. Even after democratic changes in 1990 Bulgaria continue to deny existing of Macedonian minority and to reject all his minority rights using discrimination and even repression. OMO Ilinden-PIRIN was the first Macedonian party registered in 1999 and its registration was taken back in 2000. Despite of 2006 ECHR’s decision in favor of party and the fact that this party is member of EFA every attempt ot receive back its registration was rejected, and 6 000 members of the party was interrogated in police stations several times. The Civil association for protection of fundamental individual human rights is first Macedonian NGO registered after 30 years of “democracy” and know its members are harassed and its registration attacked after two months after registration.




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