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OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN is a national political party within the Republic of Bulgaria having liberal and democratic principles and a policy built-up on the basis of the Bulgarian Constitution and legislation, Frame Convention for Protection of National Minorities and all the international documents, under which R. Bulgaria is a party.

Party OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN is a heir apparent of the most steady and constructive traditions of the struggling organizations in the Pirin Macedonia - of VMRO from the period of its formation to the death of Jane Sandansky in 1915, and restored in 1990 by the name of "OMO Ilinden". It distinctly and definitely distinguishes from the history of VMRO in the period from 1915 under the leadership of Todor Alexandrov and Vanche Michaylov to 1934 - an organization restored in 1991 as VMRO -SMD as well as from certain extreme and separatism deviations in OMO "ILINDEN".

The entire policy of our party is based on the universal and intransient values, laid down in the Charter of Human Rights. Justice, Freedom and Right of Self-determination are the guiding principles of our social activity.

We are working for the final democratization of the social life in the Republic of Bulgaria. We really and soberly recognize the positive changes in the past years, which also led to our registration, but we should also ascertain that in their regard to the minorities the Bulgarian government and legislation are far from the established European norms. Indicative in this respect is the behavior of the Bulgarian parliamentarians, Bulgarian judiciary power, State security bodies, local authorities, etc.

Today our country faces problems, which cannot be easily and quickly solved. A difficult period of amendments is forthcoming in the national laws and policy, particularly in the field concerning the national minorities and ethnic populations, social policy, preservation of spiritual values and many others. The all-European integration process today creates new realities and opportunities for prosperity of all people and, therefore, OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN will work for the acceleration of such inevitable processes for the country.

OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN is a contemporary democratic Party, oriented to Europe and open to all the Bulgarian citizens accepting its By-taws and Programme. We are working for the integration of Bulgaria into the European democratic and humane family, for Balkans and Europe without borders, for equal rights of all the citizens irrespective of their ethnic origin, religion and social status.

We are working to preserve the spiritual values, traditions and culture of the population of the Pirin Mountains' area and refugees from the Vardar and Aegean Macedonia settled throughout Bulgaria.

We condemn any form of violence, extremism and nationalism on the persons or their consciences, whether or not exercised by the state, Party, group or individuals.

In its activity OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN is guided by the following principles:

Democracy, Political, Economic and Spiritual pluralism, Social justice, Respect for the personality and Freedom of the will of every individual, Nonviolence, collaboration with all the constructive political and other organizations on the basis of equality of rights and mutual protection of the interests, Complete consolidation of the society around the humane values.


1. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN will work for acceleration of the reforms in R. Bulgaria, which should be based on a renewed and modern constitution, conformable to the concepts for freedom and equality of all the citizens, irrespective of their ethnic, religious, political and other differences, safeguarding the ethnic self-determination and traditions of the population in the Pirin Mountains' area.

2. We consider it of particular importance to safeguard and extend the citizens' right to form independent and free public organizations and associations, including also political parties, through which they will realize themselves in the social and political life of the country in compliance with the European Convention (Art. 11 and 14), ratified also by R. Bulgaria in 1992.

3. It is necessary, by legislative means, to restrict expressly the rights of the executive power in its respect to the citizens and minorities. The legislation must be harmonized to the highest extent with the provisions of the Charter for Human Rights. We stand for a radical reform of the Criminal law and abolition of the restrictive regulations to the ethnic minorities.

4. The access to comprehensive information and the possibility for public expression of different points of view is a basic right of every citizen. Therefore, we will work for the abolition of the pre-censorship and nationalistic monopoly on the mass media - TV, radio and newspapers.

5. We consider that, with the present Bulgarian legislation, the non-admission of OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN to the social and political life of the state as well as the persistent pressure on it and its members is a discrimination over an ethnic minority, protected by it as a Party.

6. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN insists on the restoration and preservation of national and cultural wealth of the Macedonians as Bulgarian citizens, and in particular, on the preservation of the ethnic, cultural and language originality of all the national minorities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

7. We respect the free exercise of religions, including the right of every individual to give and obtain a religious education by his/her own choice; we recognize the role of different religions in the Pirin Mountains' area in the recovery of society and preservation of the human values.

8. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN sharply condemns the toleration by R. Bulgaria of various nationalistic organizations and associations such as VMRO -SMD, etc., preaching nationalistic hatred and intolerance contrary to the principles laid down in the Frame Convention.

9. With our activity we will contribute to the creation of an environment of confidence, mutual tolerance, respect and latitude between all the ethnic minorities, religious communities and associations of people, provided that their activity will not spread hatred and encourage the violence and terrorism.


1. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN subjects its foreign policy to tie complete democratization and humanization of R. Bulgaria in accordance with the principles laid down in international documents, under which bur country is also a party.

2. We take into consideration the fact that, if R. Bulgaria is not a full member of the European Union and its structures, the cherished aim -removing the Balkan and European borders - will not be achieved. Therefore, we consistently and firmly will stand up for and support R. Bulgaria in its way to the European Union.

3. We sharply and definitely condemn any totalitarian and anti-humane regimes on the Balkans and all over the world, which contrary to the international documents, agreements and convention continue to violate the human rights and main liberties. We will give countenance and any other support to all the repressed nations and ethnic minorities in compliance with the international law.

4. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN stands for a balanced Balkan policy directed to expansion of the co-operation with the neighbor countries and stabilization of the region considering the historical realities in the end of XX century.

5. We will work purposefully and consistently for the elimination of any encroachment on the history, territory, culture and language of any of the neighbor countries with their various ethnic populations.

6. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN stands for the lasting improvement and final smoothing of the relations between the neighbor countries, where Macedonians live, on the basis of mutual concessions and mutually beneficial relations with the full respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the separate country.

7. The Party OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN and close to it in spirit and by Programme organizations in the neighbor countries Greece, Macedonia and Albania will work to be the bridge for co-operation and understanding between these countries.

8. We are convinced that the way to integrating the Republic of Bulgaria into the European Union and removing the borders passes through Macedonia and we think that the first step on this way is to Sift up the barrier between Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia.

9. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN considers that a main criterion for the democratism of any party in the neighbor countries and R. Bulgaria, with which it could maintain contacts, is the recognition of the Macedonian ethnic minority in compliance with the Frame Convention and the Charter of Human Rights.


1. In the sphere of its social policy OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN will work for an effective and rational employment of the manpower and against the clear and concealed unemployment, the level of which is particularly high in the Pirin Macedonia by a number of reasons. We will stand up for the right of every person to receive the fair remuneration of his/her labour, irrespective of its form or place of work.

2. We stand for a new, more equitable system of social insurance, which effectively to support the needy people, to guarantee a just relief of the disabled people, to support the unemployed people, to ensure sufficient indemnification at closing or reformation of the non-profitable enterprises.

3. The human health is highly valuable for us and we stand for a new health system, which will guarantee the payment for medical aid from the specialized funds with no direct participation of the patient.

4. We protect the family interests and traditional Macedonian family values and we will work to create conditions, in which the birth, bringing-up and education of the children will be happiness, and not an unbearable burden to their parents. The reproduction of our nation is one of our most important social priorities.

5. We pay particular attention to the lonely persons by migration or other reasons, to the invalids, neglected, underprivileged and poor citizens. We think that the Bulgarian government is a debtor to all of them.

6. One of the main purposes of OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN in the field of economic and business policy is to increase the living standard of the population and protect the economic interests of every individual, which can be achieved through:

(a) Wide and effective participation in the adoption of vital for the Pirin Macedonia resolutions by the Republic of Bulgaria.

(b) Harmonization of the Bulgarian economic legislation with the European laws, which will open the doors for foreign investments and new technologies and without which the country cannot come out of the economic crisis.

(c) Building of a production system harmonized with the environmental standards and requirements.

(d) Building of a management system of local staff with the participation of minorities, which are immediately interested in the economic prosperity of the Pirin Macedonian population.

7. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN stands for the formation of a relatively self-value and self-managing market economy on the basis of canton division with its required components: commodity, stock, leasing, labour, money-credit and currency markets and with their interaction and self-adjustment.

8. We stand for the full equality of rights between any forms of ownership, which is a precondition for the normalization of commodity-money economy, our economic traditions and the new market laws and requirements of the European Union.

9. We definitely insist that the land wilt be finally returned to its owners in the natural limits, which will be a guarantee for the restoration and development of the traditional for Pirin Macedonia productive and quality farming and stock-breeding.

10.0MO-PIR1N considers that the Balkan countries appropriated during the wars and by virtue of various agreements the lands of thousands of Macedonian immigrants, today in a legal way should restore the rights of ownership and citizenship of these people. And the government of R. Bulgaria should undertake this initiative as a priority.

11. We are convinced that the real owner of the forests will not be the state, but the municipalities, on which territory they are located.

12. We think that the role of Bulgarian state in the Pirin Macedonian economy should be in the creation of conditions for free activity of all the producers, irrespective of the forms of ownership, active support of the producers in their export of goods to the world market; tax relief of goods export to the Balkan markets.

13. We stand for an advanced system of taxation, which will not impede. but encourage and stimulate the enterprise of citizens, particularly in such traditional spheres as the tobacco-growing, stock breeding, light and food industry, vine-growing and related productions.

14. In the sphere of transport, which is of particular importance for the Pirin Macedonia, we stand for a predominantly development of this economic branch, opening for the purpose new transport main roads, which will connect the area with R. G. and R. M.

15. We consider that the development of tourism and balneotherapy are of particular importance for the living standard of the Pirin area population and, therefore, a special programme should be developed for this economic branch conformable mainly to the needs of local people living in the Struma and Mesta river valley.

16. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN considers that with a long-term investment programme for the utilization of Struma and Mesta rivers' waters, some forgotten productions, such as silkworm-breeding, rice-growing, etc. could be restored.


1. Pirin Macedonia is a region having remarkable natural resources and incomparable and unique natural and architectural places, some of which are unmatched throughout the Europe and are of significance for the world natural heritage. They, in our opinion, are now seriously threatened due to the unscrupulous policy of the Bulgarian government in the field of environment protection.

2. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN insists that clear and specific laws should be passed by the Bulgarian government for restricting the air, water and soil pollution aiong the Struma and Mesta river valley, for preserving the non-restored natural resources. Such cases are the building of derivation Djerma - Skakavitsa and the Agreement for Mesta river outlet, concluded behind the local population's back.

3. The protected natural places in Pirin Macedonia need special programmes for preservation and development, whereas the local population interests should be at first respected. This is the only way to ensure the present and future harmony between the human and nature.

4. The problems related to the environment pollution could not be solved without eliminating the reasons caused them. Therefore, we consider it necessary to bring gradually the entire economy of our region within the ecological requirements: power engineering, industry, agriculture and transport. It is necessary to have up-to-date and operative environment protection laws, policy of taxation, new ecology-conformable technological solutions.

5. Preservation of the slender ecological balance in Pirin Macedonia is on!y possible with the active human work and funding of particular programmes from special funds of citizens, organizations and international associations like PHARE, which If the Bulgarian government does not help, we should not allow it to be an obstacle.


1. OMO -PIRIN particularly stands for preserving and restoring the ethos, customs, culture and historical heritage of Macedonian ethnic population in the Republic of Bulgaria, which was destroyed, discredited or replaced by a consistent policy of the state authorities in the past several decades.

2. We consider that our spiritual revival and restoration of the cultural ethnic entirety of the Macedonian minority in R. Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, Europe and the world are in our purposive and consistent work in three main lines according to the Frame convention for National Minorities Protection of 1994:

- Restoration of the national Macedonian symbols and traditional Macedonian holidays, family traditions and customs;

- A radical spiritual turn in the Revival and the Enlightenment of Macedonians in R. Bulgaria;

- Free exercise of the main and traditional for our area religions respecting the leading role of the Holy Orthodox Church.

3. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN insists on the equalization of the Holiday Ritual calendar of the Macedonians from the three pares of Macedonia, which at present celebrate their religious holidays on different dates.

4. As a forma! organization, called upon the protection of human rights and liberties of the Macedonian ethnic population in R. Bulgaria, we insist that the party OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN should obtain the right and material support of the Bulgarian state to issue freely and without restrictions its educational and propaganda materials- at the areas with Macedonian population.

5. We insist on encouraging and regulating at an interstate level the free exchange of pupils, students and teachers as well as of scientific literature between the schools, institutes and universities in all the Balkan countries and other states where Macedonians are living.

6. We particularly stand for the creative exchange of cultural values between the various cultural institutions in the different states where Macedonians are living: exhibitions, performances, readings, etc.

7. We stand for a free exchange of church literature and clergymen between the sisterly Orthodox churches on -the Balkans - the Bulgarian, Greek and Macedonian churches.

8. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN sharply condemns the dissent caused and now reigning in the Holy Orthodox church of Pirin Macedonia and we think that access to churches of clergymen, politizing the faith and serving interest alien to the believers, should not be allowed.

9. We consider it necessary to make legal changes in the statute of museums in Pirin Macedonia, which will allow them to expand their museum funds and to return them alt the exhibits and archive materials, taken away from them in the years, and also to guarantee the free access to the cultural and historical values.

10. OMO "Ilinden" - PIRIN stands for tax concessions and stimulating the charity activity in the field of culture and arts.

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