European Free Alliance
European Free Alliance
European Political Party
19 Woeringenstraat
1000 Brussels Belgium
To the Presidency of OMO Ilinden-PIRIN:
Oblast Blagoevgradska,
Blagoevgrad, zh. k. Elenovo, 6 B 6;
Postenski Kod 2700;

Brussels, 18 th of June 2007

Concerning: Membership of EFA

EFA draws together 35 nationalist-, regionalist- and minority parties, making it the largest organisation of its kind in the EU. We have elected members in the European Parliament and are part of the EFA/Greens political group.

I hereby declare officially that your party MO Ilinden-PIRIN, at our recent General Assembly in Bilbao, was unanimously accepted as full member of the European Free Alliance European Political Party.

We are looking forward to a swift and fruitfull co-operation and especially we wish your party will soon be registered again in Bulgaria.


Yours sincerely,


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